Marya Badiei

Integrative Chinese Medicine
Personalized Holistic Natural Medicine
Virtual or in-person

Women’s Health

Healing is never just about our physical bodies. It’s about learning to thrive again. Experience inner transformation with personalized Integrative Chinese medicine.
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Digestive Issues

Rebuilding your health from
the inside out starts with your gut.
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Autoimmune & Inflammation

Personalized whole body approach to help you heal.

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Let your inner beauty shine with the art of facial rejuvenation acupuncture

We age gracefully when our essence radiates from the inside out

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Empaths and highly sensitive people

Imagine knowing how to use your intuition and empathic abilities to maintain your healthy boundaries.

Let me help you experience clarity and peace in your heart like you never thought possible.

It’s time to live your life.
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Create and live the life of your dreams
It’s time for you to experience lasting radiant health.

Intuitive Development

Within you awaits
Your greater eternal self
Your essence is one with the universe
It’s time for your to remember your true self
And embrace your destiny

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You have arrived here for a reason
Trust the flow that has connected our paths
Put your heart and soul into yourself
I’ll teach you how to thrive again

What People are Saying

Marya is an incredibly gifted, deeply intuitive healer. She was able to remove energetic blocks that I’ve been experiencing for years. Through working with her I’ve grown in ways I never thought possible.

Katie Covell headshot

Katie Covell

Marya is an amazing healer. She has the warmest presence, and you know right when you walk in that you are in good hands. Her intuition is off the charts! If you are looking for a warm, knowledgeable healer, look no further and give her a try. You will not regret it.

Mike Park headshot

Mike Park

Working with Marya, has been a deep blessing. I came to her for treatment of my asthma, and didn’t realize I would be treated and receive healing on so many levels; psychological, energetic, emotional and of the physical symptoms of asthma itself.

Reena Desai headshot

Reena Desai

Marya is the most potent healer I’ve ever met. You go to her for acupuncture, get the best acupuncture that is available, and you also get a beautiful re-alignment with love and depth. I’ve never met a light worker who brought this much presence to each and every session.

Londin Winter headshot

Londin Winter

Marya is an unbelievably skilled acupuncturist and healer. She helped me with holistic nutritional advice, as well as encouragement me to look at the whole picture of my physical, emotional and spiritual self. Marya is a caring practitioner that gives of her time and energy with complete dedication and skill. She is simply the best!.

Tova Leibovic Douglas headshot

Tova Leibovic Douglas

Marya is an angel. I feel so honored to work with her. She teaches me profoundly about my mind, body, and soul. She changed my life. I LOVE THE HERBAL MEDICINE. I LOVE ACUPUNCTURE SESSIONS WITH HER AND OMG ENERGY WORK WITH HER. THIS THIS THIS is the powerful part.

Brittany Gaylord headshot

Brittany Gaylord

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