Intuitive Development

Your Portal to Growth, Wellness, and Empowerment

Imagine having a personal guide to teach you how to transform your perception of yourself and world around you.

That’s exactly what you’ll get in this three-month program. I’ll give you a clear and organized plan with all the guidance you need to create a healthy relationship with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

With your new tools, feeling confident and empowered everyday will become your new norm.

I’ll help you implement new approaches to your lifestyle that will help you to maintain your energetic alignment and protection. You’ll learn how to fine-tune your intuition and intent, while simultaneously mastering the art of maintaining your energetic boundaries and discerning self from others.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • A straight forward and practical approach to meditation – that doesn’t ignore the modern world you live in and teaches you how to thread the esoteric world into your everyday life.
  • Practical tools for maintaining energetic boundaries – so you never again become overwhelmed or overtaken by the negative energies around you. Learn to always maintain connection to your authentic self.
  • How to cultivate the power of your natural intuition – so you can detect when you are losing your alignment and know how to quickly re-connect to your heart.
  • Time management strategies – so you can create time for YOURSELF. Even if you live a full and busy life.

The Intuitive Development Program Includes the Following:

  • My unique Evaluation and Diagnosis process that draws upon my training in Classical Chinese medicine and my years of working as an intuitive healer.
  • Three Monthly 90-Minute Phone Consultations — In these focused calls we’ll dive into the issues that are really troubling you. We’ll figure out what is coming up and which of the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) it’s coming from. Then, I’ll teach you practical tools you can start using that day to resolve whatever is there. The ultimate goal in these sessions is to empower you to maintain your own alignment at all times and make sure you know how to quickly re-align yourself when something throws you off. We’ll also be sure to figure out if anything in your daily lifestyle is contributing to what’s happening. Diet, exercise, and our emotional relationship to ourselves and the world around us can all have a big influence on our four bodies. We’ll look at all of these and make sure you’re empowered to care for yourself at all times. Each of these phone sessions will be followed up with an email to give you a clear action plan for the following month. As needed, it will include links to customized meditations, qi gong, and exercise protocols to continue your journey towards empowerment.
  • Three Monthly Treatments — depending on whether you’d rather work in person or distally, I offer two treatment options.
    • Working in Person — If you’re based in San Diego, I offer a specialized form of Esoteric Acupuncture. These treatments are a powerful addition to your journey towards empowerment and alignment. Each session will last about 90 minutes and will include acupuncture, energy clearings, and gemstone healing. These treatments are completely different than typical acupuncture and focus on awakening your intrinsic healing capacity by deeply shifting your energetic alignment.
    • Working Distally — If you’re not based in San Diego don’t worry. Most of the work I do is done distally. The type of Dowsing I practice works across timelines and different dimensions and is not limited by physical distance. Actually, over the years I’ve found it to be more powerful when working from a distance. We’ll use these sessions to help clear anything that is blocking you from your intuition and alignment. Like the Esoteric Acupuncture sessions, we’ll work to help awaken your intrinsic healing capacity and align your four bodies. Each session is about 90 minutes long.
  • Weekly Coaching Emails — as part of the program you’ll receive weekly coaching emails from me. These emails will be gentle reminders of where to keep your focus along with helpful tips and strategies so you can keep moving forward.
  • Nutritional Program for Your Constitution — Using my intake forms, specialized questionnaires, and training in dietary therapy, I’ll look at your regular eating patterns to create a basic food protocol based around the Five Element model of Chinese Medicine. The goal here is to guide you towards an empowering relationship with foods that support your constitution and help you maintain alignment at all times. Food can be the highest form of medicine and I’ll make sure you know how to take care of yourself on this level too.
  • Customized Blend of Essential Oils and Gemstones — Drawing upon the beautiful tradition of Daoist alchemy, I’ll put together a customized blend of topical essential oils and gemstones to work on the deepest levels of your constitution and support your spiritual journey. This unique blend will come with a list of acupuncture points to apply the oils to, and guided imagery to work with in your daily meditations. Because these specialized blends work on such a deep level of our constitution you’ll work with your blend for three to six months.
  • Internal Medicines — depending on your unique needs, I offer two options for internal medicines to support your empowerment. We’ll figure out which one is best for you in our first 90-minute call.
    • Chinese Herbal Tea — Herbal medicine is deeply rich and powerful. From my training in Chinese medicine I’ll put together a formula that will help work with all four bodies. Depending on your specific needs I’ll adjust this formula each month. The tea will come with specialized instructions on how to use it in relation to your personal journey.
    • Gemstone Elixirs — Chinese medicine has long used elixirs of gemstones as part of medicine. Stones are said to affect the deepest levels of healing. Using my unique training and meditative experiences, I’ll cleanse and charge several gemstones to work on your constitution and how it is affecting the alignment of your four bodies. The stones will come with instructions on how to prepare and use a Daoist gemstone elixir as part of your unique journey back to empowerment.
  • Guided Meditations — Meditation is a very popular term these days. When you work with me, I’ll teach you meditation techniques and protocols that are designed specifically for you. Your needs are unique and I want to make sure you get the most out of your daily meditations. These protocols will form the foundation of your journey to self-knowledge, empowerment and maintaining alignment. This is where you’ll develop the skills to be your own best care provider.
  • Exercise And Qigong Protocols — Movement and breathing are immensely powerful tools for our health. They can affect all four bodies. I’ll teach you how to work with both of these to maintain alignment and have clear energetic boundaries in all situations.
  • Email Support — in between our phone sessions and treatments, you’ll be able to contact me via email with any questions or concerns you have on your journey back to alignment.
  • Detox Program — Sometimes we’ve lived a less than perfectly clean life and need to go through a bit of a detox as we begin our journey. Detox and cleansing have long been a regular part of spiritual cultivation. If you’re needing to detox or just wanting to level up your spiritual journey, I’ll help you put together a focused detox program related to your unique needs.

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