Esoteric Acupuncture

Empower your Spiritual Journey
Through Wellness and Embodiment

Esoteric acupuncture focuses on wellness and helping you find your spiritual center. It’s a mystical practice that emphasizes cultivation and health rather than disease. It was developed to align the subtle aspects of your consciousness within the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). These very specialized treatments help you connect your everyday personality with your higher self so that you can go deeply into the journey of personal and spiritual growth.

The process helps develop an intimate relationship with the higher spiritual aspects of your true heart. It works with each of the different layers of consciousness that exist within you (dense physical, mental, emotional and astral) to help you shift into a space of being proactive rather than reactive with your life. In other words, it helps you to live a life of wellness and disease prevention.

Each treatment will harmonize and align the seven chakras, the four bodies and the five elements. It will include advanced energy healing techniques (including negative energy clearing) and crystal therapy. Treatments will help you access the wisdom of your own inner healer.

My goal is to help you awaken your consciousness to the healing power that comes from aligning your chakra system and four bodies and harmonizing your five elements. These are the foundation to accessing wisdom of the inner healer we all contain.


Live like the healthiest 10% of people, deepen your perception of reality, enjoy more inspiration, and awaken to the sacred presence of your life.

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