Women’s Health

Compassionate, integrative, and effective women’s health care.

A woman’s body goes through many changes in our lifetime. From childhood to puberty, to pregnancy and childbirth, to menopause, we’re in a constant state of flux. It can definitely be overwhelming to navigate all these changes.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Functional Medicine, nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise all work amazingly well to help balance our hormones and support the beautiful journey we’re on.

This integrative approach to health can help us to be a strong, passionate and caring woman in every stage of our lives.

  • Regulating menses – irregular cycles, cramps, endometriosis
  • PMS symptoms – breast tenderness, headaches, irritability/mood swings
  • Hormonal balance – FSH, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid issues
  • Infertility – lack of ovulation, increasing follicle size, supporting the lining of the uterus for pregnancy
  • Pregnancy support – nausea, threatened miscarriage, back pain, circulation
  • Post-partum – pelvic floor health, postpartum diastasis recti rehabilitation, pelvic pain, lactation support, weight loss, depression
  • Pilates for Women
    • prenatal and postpartum Pilates program
    • pelvic floor therapeutic Pilates exercises
    • diastasis recti rehabilitation
    • core strengthening
    • personalized home exercise programs
  • Fibroids, cysts, PCOS, etc.
  • Digestive issues including irritable bowel, bloating, metabolism issues, etc.
  • Perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Weight changes (gain or loss)
  • Changes in sleep patterns (insomnia)
  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Poor mental function and low energy
  • Anxiety and depression