Marya Badiei California state licensed acupuncturist and herbalist

Marya Badiei L.Ac.

  • California state licensed acupuncturist and herbalist
  • Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emperors College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Certified Reiki practitioner
  • Certified Jorei healer
  • Nutrition and detox coach
  • Certified Theta healer
  • Certified Rehabilitation Pilates instructor
  • Somatic movement teacher
  • Professional dowser
  • Meditation teacher

I began my personal healing journey as a woman and an empath through painting, dance and choreography. Painting gave me a way to transform and release all the energies I was picking up on as an empath. Modern dance gave me the freedom to embody and express the emotions I felt all the time. These were my first introductions into how to connect into my experiences and actually release anything that didn’t serve me. It was amazing and beautiful.

After injuring my back while I was studying dance at UC Santa Cruz, and being told by conventional doctors that I’d have to live with the pain, I began to seek out alternative treatments. This ultimately lead me to both Acupuncture and Pilates. Acupuncture helped my back pain like no other therapy did. Pilates gave me back my strength while it simultaneously made me realize how out of touch I was with the core of my body. I loved, and still love, how Pilates helps bring us into deep presence with our body. As a woman I can’t emphasize enough how empowering this is.

I was so inspired by how much Pilates helped me that I moved to San Francisco to study it professionally. I got certified in Rehabilitation Pilates. As I began to work with more and more people, I started to see the relationship between trapped emotions and energies and the physical pain and orthopedic injuries my clients were experiencing. Because I knew that Pilates couldn’t help my clients address the emotional and energetic parts of their pain I sought out more training.

This lead me to the study of Somatic Movement (Art of Embodiment) and Biological Breath with Cass Phelps. There is a beautiful, powerful and amazing transformation that happens when we can come into true presence with our body, our breath, and our emotions. It was through the work with Cass that I began to truly develop the capacity to hear the wisdom of my intuition and navigate life more smoothly as an empath. I’ve studied with Cass for the last 16 years.

Because I wanted to go deeper and learn more about the mind-body connection I kept learning. Ultimately, I was drawn to Classical Chinese medicine and its wisdom about the integration of heaven, humanity, and the earth. The ancient Chinese saw us as part of nature. And they knew that our health was tied to living in sync with Mother Earth. I had always felt deeply connected to nature and it was Chinese medicine that finally allowed me to truly integrate my love of nature, women’s health, physical embodiment practices, and energy medicine.

For the first time I had a clear understanding that the healing journey of women and empaths was connected to the healing of the planet. I truly believe that women and empaths are awakening as a direct result of an ecological need for evolution. The planet needs us to awaken to heal.

I’m devoted to helping women and empaths thrive in their lives by empowering them with knowledge and giving them all the tools necessary for a life filled with health and happiness.